We have been breathing the world of wooden furniture since we were born.
The world of wooden furniture is our DNA. For five generations.
Over the years we have appreciated its beauty in its many shades, we have experimented, we have opened up to the extraordinary complexity and refinement of combining the various wooden essences with other materials. Marbles, metals, leathers and fabrics. Oxymorons that balanced and properly mixed can create pure poetry.
As a result, giving life to Emmemobili was the natural evolution of a process of growth and

awareness about what dreaming, designing, creating, sculpting and building mean for us.
In welcoming each creative process, we have never talked "only" of "furniture", "only" of "products", "only" of "forms" or "functions". For us, each piece is unique. Created by the expert hands of our craftsmen for those who have decided to share our dream with us, our vision of home.
Internationality, craftsmanship. Art, design. Uniqueness.
This is our world. This is us.
Tagliabue family

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