We were born with wood. Loving its surface, sculpting it, creating volumes and geometries that would allow this material to vibrate its power.

We grew up appreciating the thousand nuances, the physical and aesthetic characteristics that made each essence and piece unique; we grew up learning the art of working it in different ways, always striving to improve, to figure out how we can shape it in ever new ways. This is what even led us to specialize in the wood-bending technique.  

Product after product, project after project, we kept on experimenting, exploring new fields, by combining our wood with other materials.
Not just any materials, but those chosen with care and with the same pathos that has always moved us in treating our wood.

We have selected marbles, metals, leathers, fabrics and other finishes that have intense, communicative and strong textures and colours. We have worked balancing their soul with the essence of our woods.
Our passion for the material. To create furnishings with great expressive power.   

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