In-Line Bookshelf and Winery System

Designed by Adele Martelli

Divide the space by giving a precise, orderly and organized rhythm.

A rhythm that can be marked unequivocally, as happens in the bars of a musical score. The solids and voids alternate creating geometries marked by vertical uprights which become the real protagonists of Inlinea.

It is their strong presence, albeit soft and reassuring, that formally characterizes the product. A load-bearing shoulder system that can be configured differently, even making it become a Winery, thanks to different types of steps and setups that can be used from time to time.

In-Linea Winery

ARIA Design Adele Martelli Create a table that was not monolithic and that conveyed a sense of lightness. Make it have a strong presence by making its importance perceived. Leg


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